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Sida cordifolia

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Botanical Name : Sida cordifolia
Sanskrit Name : Bala, Vatya               
English Name :
Country Mallow             

Description of
Sida cordifolia:
S.cordifolia is found in moist places throughout tropical and sub-tropical India and Nepal ascending to an altitude of 1,050 m.
A small, downy, erect shrub, with long branches, sometimes rooting at the nodes. The leaves are ovate, or ovate-oblong, very downy on both surfaces; the flowers are tawny-yellow or white; the fruit shows a pair of awns on each carpel.


Principal Constituents:
Ephedrine is one of the alkaloids reported to be present. It contains phytosterol and potassium nitrate. The phytosterols have estrogenic activity.

It is used traditionally in cases of spermatorrhea, polyurea, leucorrhea and certain nervine disorders such as monoplegia, sciatica, palsy, etc.

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Herbal Extract packing:

  •   25 Kg. HDPE Drum.


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