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Ephedra Vulgaris

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Botanical Name : Ephedra Vulgaris 
Sanskrit Name:
English Name : Ephedra                

Plant Parts Used :
Dried Branch

Description of Ephedra Vulgaris:  :
It is found on sandy seashores and in temperate climates of both hemispheres. The plant has stamens and pistils on separate flowers. Fruit has two carpels with a single seed in each and erect with small leaves


Medicinal Uses: It is stomachic, alterative and diuretic. Alkaloid called "Ephedrine" which helps in controlling asthma. It is widely used for acute muscular and bronchial asthma. It is also used as a headache reliever. The plant also has antiviral effects, particularly against influenza. A decoction of the stems and roots is used to treat rheumatism and syphilis

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